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As I am having time off from Second Life, this blog is very dead..

–< NO INPUT gives NO OUTPUT >–

We´ll see how it goes, maybe I´ll wake up again..

Until then – TAKE CARE!



..who on earth is this?..

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This old lady popped by tonight..

I wonder who she is? 😉

Hip Hip!

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Today my friend PetGirl (Tina) Bergman turns 4 years old in SL.

Tina you´re sooooo old!!! 😉

I want to thank you for all the things you do for us Swedes in Second Life.

Your blog Tinas Universum http://tinasuniversum.blogspot.com/ is great! You´re a perfect teacher! You are sharing everything you know about SL with us – I think it´s both educational and entertaining!

And that is not all you do for us. You´re behind many of the big Swedish events and also the owner of the group “Swedish people in SL” which provides us with help and contact with other Swedes in-world.

Thank you Tina!

..time to visit the icehotel in SL..

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The other day I received a message from my friends Ewa Aska and Jesper Prinz.  The Icehotel SL is opening!

I´ve already been there at their wedding and the 12th night ball, but I haven´t looked around properly yet.  Now they have opened the possibility to hire rooms in the hotel or rent one of their cottages.  I´ve heard two of the three is already hired. Hurry up!

Read all about that on the icehotel in SL´s blog.

Knowing this,  it was time for me to make a “private visit”.  I met up with Jesper and asked him to show me around the sim.

I must say it´s impressive! They´ve put down a considerable amount of time and work to make this place into what it now is. Good on ya, Ewa & Jesper!

The Icehotel in SL is a copy (if not exact, very similar) of the original, situated in Jukkasjärvi, in the north of Sweden. Click here to read more about the original Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi

It all started with Ewa. Last summer she started planning for an Icehotel in SL and from late fall Jesper started working more permanently with Ewa. They started off wirth building the Ballroom on another sim, then they got this sim and moved the Ballroom over here. Take me to the Icehotel in SL now! Slurl here

On January, the 24th they got married in the ice church. The church has actually been blessed by a priest. See more pics from the wedding here and read about it here.

Then there is the Theatre. All made in ice, off course. This is going to be used for “sit down and listen”-performances. It all starts off next sunday with a japaneese pianist, called Enniv Zarf. The theatre was built buy Cur Waydelich.

There is LOTS of more things to explore on this sim. You just HAVE to make a visit and see for yourself. On this Sunday there is a Carneval there. And there is many other arrangements to come. Take me to the Icehotel in SL now! Slurl here

One thing you must try is trekking in the Kebnekajse. You can buy your own trekking equipment there.

And why not spend a night in a tent and look at the stars and the nothern lights?

So, it´s best you go there right now. Or why not on this coming Sunday. Visit the Carneval! Take me to the Icehotel in SL now! Slurl here

See more pics on my Flickr – click here!

Visit The Icehotel in SLs blog

Read more in The WhiteRoom- blog

..a guitar is a guitar is a guitar..

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As my friend Tina says.. Why do things in SL have to look like they do in RL?

Look at this guitar:

It´s Blindboy Gumbo playing, and I can tell you the guitar sounded really good 🙂

Check Gumbo out – he´s really good! I´ll get back on him later!

..he´s got STYLE..

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There is a lot of things you can say about this man, or theese men, even.. (although I know one of them a lot better than the other two). The man I am talking about has (at least) three avatars 🙂

The man is – Apmel Goosson aka Farbror IB aka Kludden – all being “operated” by the same man in RL (well, at least I think so) *LOL*

Here he is!

I have known Apmel for quite some time now, I remember first meeting him in the old Second Sweden, and also in the more serious (for us both, I think) Swedish Resource Center. We were dancing and playing in Second Sweden and being more of our RL-personalities in the Swedish Resource Center.

Apmel has always tried to bring more serious questions into SL, and I think that is a good thing. He is mixing those sides of himself with his opposite. As most of us, he is having a lot of fun in SL, too. That´s how it should be!

As I started off with, there is a lot to say, but what I wanted to write about this time is a different side of Apmel –  no not at all a secret one – if you´ve seen Apmel (or the other two) you should know.

I certainly do, anyway. What I have been thinking about since the first time I met him is that Apmel sure has STYLE! His own style, and a really cool one. Stylish is what he is! I wonder if he is the same in RL? Where does he shop? How does he find his clothes? I hope he will leave a comment here and tell us all about it! 🙂

Apmel has been kind enough to give me some pics of himself. I´ve put them all on my Flickr-page – click here to go and see for yourself!

Apmel has a blog of his own – Take me there!

For readers who understand swedish:

There is a presentation of Apmel on my swedish blog  – Let me see!

Second swedens blog – read about Apmel here

His bookshop is Indexkompaniet Bokhandel – read more here

His paper Populär Världsbildsvetenskap – read it here

And, for gods sake, keep Apmel FAR away from churches!!! 🙂

Do you want to meet Apmel? Then visit Solace Island <–slurl here

This was the second person in my “I dare you” – challenge.

Now, will you be the third one?

..hip hip hooray..

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My friend Cur (also known as “the cloud”) is getting old. Today, he turns two years old.

Congratulations Mr. Dutt!